Pengaruh Pemahaman Umat tentang KBG terhadap Upaya Pembangunan KBG di Paroki Kristus Terang Dunia, Waena, Jayapura

  • Berlinda Renwarin STPK St. Yohanes Rasul Jayapura
Keywords: komunitas basis gerejawi, pancapramana, komunikasi, kesetiakawanan, kewibawaan, koreksi, pengorbanan diri


Catholic Church as the people of God – while carrying out its mission -- finds its actual expression in Basic Ecclesial Communities (BEC). The Bishop’s Conference of Indonesia in 2000and the Synod of DioceseJayapura in 2006 announced a pastoral exhortation with the focus on the development and empowerment of the BEC. In this research, the question is whether parishioners in the parish of Christ the light of the world, Waena have already understood "what the BEC is" and "why they live in BEC. The researcher also wants to know how far the realization of the efforts in developing BEC.

In this paper, the researcher adopts Pancapramana of Mangunwijaya to look into the effort todevelopBEC. The key concepts of Pancapramanaare communication, solidarity, sympathetic leadership, ability to accept criticism and of on going improvement, andreadiness to self-sacrifice and life giving.

This research shows that parishioners of Christ the light of the world, Waena have a good understanding of "what BEC is" and "why they live in parish communities (BEC)." Based on the result of multiple linear regresion analysis, this research shows the significant relation between the understanding of the faithful and the effort of BEC development